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Safer, faster, easier inspection

DTI save cost on inspection

Several independent studies have conclusively shown that DTIs can save far more than their up front cost in time spent on inspection.

A study conduced on the Mellon Bank building adjacent to the PPG building for inspection costs of bolts, proved that the inspecting agency, PSI charged the PPG owner much less for inspecting the DTIs than the DTIs cost in the first place. This was compared to inspecting with no DTIs on the adjacent Mellon bank structure.

An earlier study by Bethlehem Steel found a great savings on inspection an adjacent Power Plant with DTIs in Nebraska compared to the older one without DTIs.

Some DOTs explain they do not need continuous inspection on bridges. One person can return at any time after construction to easily see the bolts were properly installed.

Safer for inspectors

It is well known that calibrated wrench inspection is often hazardous for inspectors. Accidents have been reported when pulling on torque wrenches. At least one was fatal. TurnaSure DTIs remove the need for this dangerous inspection method.

Unprecedented ease of inspection with ViewTite® dye-emitting DTIs

The elastomer in our patented ViewTite™ dye-emitting DTIs actually glows under a UV light. This feature makes inspection faster and easier under low light conditions, even at night!

ViewTite® DTIs glowing under UV light

Inspection Note

Remember, with TurnaSure DTIs inspectors are quickly checking every bolt for required installed tension. No other method can help accomplish this objective like DTIs can. Remember it is tension, not torque; that imparts strength to a joint.

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