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TurnaSure DTIs save time and trouble

Aid to Snugging

DTIs are the ONLY method that offers visual proof of a snug tight bolt prior to final tightening. Through partially compressing the protrusions, half or more of the final required bolt tension is achieved. This is a superior snug condition compared to the "full effort of a man using an ordinary spud wrench.

DTIs save bolting time

With DTIs, you no longer have to waste time and incur extra cost by constantly rechecking torque values. Independent studies have proven that using DTIs saves up to 33% of bolting time compared to the traditional process where turn-of-nut or part-turn is carefully inspected for consistent snugging, followed by proper match marking.

Eliminate "Call Backs"

If the DTIs have been properly flattened in the connections, you know that the bolts have been properly tensioned, and therefore there are no costly and time-consuming returns to retighten connections that were previously (inadequately) tightened.

Can be fully flattened

A unique feature with the TurnaSure DTI is that our protrusions can be flattened fully so a flattened DTI can be seen at a distance without the need for a feeler gauge. Countless testing by State DOT's on bolt tension calibrators shows that the gaps can be closed below 0.005in without excessive plastic deformation to the bolts after tensioning. This is made possible by TurnaSure's unique patented geometry.

No need to use a hardened washer

The TurnaSure curved protrusion design matches the washer face under the nut. In situations where it is appropriate to place a DTI under the turned element, the added cost of a hardened washer can be eliminated altogether.

No effects on load whether oiled, rusty or coated

All TurnaSure DTI offer "Friction-Free Pushback"™ of the protrusions during flattening. This feature renders our DTIs immune to the detrimental effects of oil, dirt, or corrosion on the load measuring capabilities of our DTIs.

Detect trapped Bolts

Sometimes bolts get trapped during erection due to insufficient use of drift pins or premature release of framing before joints are properly clamped up. A TurnaSure DTI placed under a bolt head will detect this condition as bolt tension in a trapped bolt will not be achieved under the bolt head and the DTI will not be flattened.

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