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Trusted by Highway DOTs across the USA.

The first structure to use Direct Tension Indicators (DTIs) back in 1962 was a bridge. Since then, major bridges around the world have incorporated DTIs for the many benefits they provide. In the UK most major bridges started using DTIs in their construction by the 1970s. These included the Britannia Bridge in Anglesey Wales, the Balahulish Bridge, near Fort William in Scotland and the Queen Elizabeth Bridge on the M25 in London. The majority of U.S. states now require DTIs on all bridge construction. State DOTs require DTIs to conform to the latest revision of the ASTM F959/F959 standard.

TurnaSure DTIs offer significant benefits during bridge construction and in the years that follow.

TurnaSure also offers ViewTite® self-indicating washers, which are a form of DTI that provides a supplemental, easily-inspected visual indication that bolts have been tightened.

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