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Trusted for the most critical parts of the energy infrastructure

Perhaps no category of infrastructure is more critical to a country than energy and power-generation. Massive, capital-intensive plants must be built efficiently, operated continuously and maintained safely. It's no wonder that the bolted connections in these projects are treated with such importance. And the best way to ensure consistent, reliable bolted connections is with DTIs from TurnaSure.

The energy industry has relied on TurnaSure for bolt tensioning for decades. In the USA most Nuclear Power Plants built in the late 1970s and early 1980s used Direct Tension Indicators (DTIs) on their high-strength bolted connections. These include the Bechtel SNUPPS power plant projects and the River Bend Nuclear Power Plant in Louisiana. Similarly, by the mid 1980s DTIs had been specified for use on thirty major fossil fuel plants in the USA alone. By the late 1990’s, DTIs had been specified on fifteen power plants in Asia, including the two unit Suralaya Power Plant in Indonesia designed by Black & Veatch.

By the 2nd decade of the 21st century the vast majority of Power Plants being designed in the USA or elsewhere specify ASTM F959/F959M DTIs. Many designs specify the TurnaSure brand by name. It is now common to see TurnaSure DTIs used on power generation plants of all types anywhere in the world, one recent example being the TCO Tengiz Chevroil Project in Kazakhstan (pictured below).

TCO Tengiz Chevroil Project

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