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Proprietary and Custom Applications:

You can use Turnasure Direct Tension Indicators (DTIs), Load Indicating Washers (LIWs), or Visual Indicating Washers (VIWs) to verify that tightening operations for bolts, studs, anchors, or cap screws satisfy the criteria established in your approved drawings and specifications. Custom uses we have supported for our customers include:
  • Special valve applications on nuclear submarines, using specially manufactured TurnaSure DTIs so the exact required clamp loads were applied to prevent leaks.
  • Specialized TurnaSure DTIs to provide 8,000 lbs of tension on a 1/2" stud in a walling system.
  • A new stainless steel DTI for a customer who required properly tensioned stainless steel bolts in an underwater application.
  • Miniature sized DTIs for use in specialized electrical connections requiring predictable minimal resistance.
  • Very large diameter (M36 thru M64) DTIs for use in specialized refinery equipment.
  • Customized DTIs for comparatively rare large diameter anchor bolts per DASt Guideline 021
For proprietary applications, the customer simply provides the compression load requirements in terms of minimum required preload, and if applicable, maximum desirable preload. Graphical data for each lot on a ‘Load-Gap’ chart provides detail on the preload achieved at any residual gap, and each lot is tested and certified in accordance with ASTM Test Methods ASTM F606/F606M.

Other Construction Applications (Anchor bolts):

Numerous anchor applications are subject to prying forces due primarily to wind loads, although in-service operational loads or varying live loads can play their parts as well. Thus uplift loading is a consideration and long term anchor tension is the best defense against vibration loosening or fatigue. TurnaSure DTIs offer a solution to problematic anchorage. Contractors may use whatever tightening method or device then can source, knowing that the TurnaSure DTIs will provide proof that adequate anchor tension has been achieved. DTIs for use with anchor and anchor bolts may be procured to ASTM F2437/F2437M.

One resource TurnaSure clients may wish to consult is NCHRP Report 469 on Fatigue-Resistant Design of Cantilevered Signal, Sign, and Light Supports. Lastly, TurnaSure clients struggling to source tightening tools that are capable and safe for use in tightening large diameter anchors are encouraged to visit

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