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TurnaSure DTIs are easy to use and provide fast, accurate information on progress of the work

Provide high, accurate snug tensions

TurnaSure DTIs require substantial compressive force in order to initiate any flattening at all, as required during snugging. Therefore typical snug-tight bolt tensions are on the order of 40-60% of minimum required final bolt tensions. The high initial snug-tight bolt tensions provided by TurnaSure DTIs ensures that steel plies are brought into firm and near-continuous contact prior to final tightening. TurnaSure DTIs thus eliminate the most common bolting problems --- which can be traced to poor control over snugging operations.

DTIs are unaffected by surface condition

TurnaSure DTIs provide "Friction Free Pushback"™, and are therefore just as accurate at measuring bolt tension when they are brand new or if they have been exposed to the elements and even become rusty. Other methods of bolt tightening are completely ineffective unless the surface condition of the fasteners is preserved or as-new.

Provide visual proof of a job done right

DTIs provide permanent visual proof that the erector’s bolting crew tightened the bolts as required. And ViewTite® dye-emitting DTIs provide additional easy-to-see indication that bolts have been fully tightened, while also making it clear which bolts are yet to fully tightened. At any time in the future, visual inspection of accessible bolting assemblies with DTIs will prove the point again --- the bolts were tightened!

Simple assembly configurations

TurnaSure DTIs incorporate patented (US Patent # 9,863,457) ‘offset extrusion’ forming. This means our DTIs accommodate the larger ‘standard sized’ holes that AISC and AASHTO recently adopted without needing special extra washers or the use of inconvenient, complex configurations.

Faster 3rd party inspection means faster completion

The progress of an erector’s bolting crew is often hindered by time-consuming inspections by 3rd party inspectors for whom the contractor/erector has to provide access to bolted connections in order to perform their work. Use of equipment to provide access for inspections often means work on erection and bolting is delayed. Our classic and ViewTite® DTIs make visual inspection so fast, easy, and accurate that the erector can remain focused on moving forward with getting the job done on-time, without undue delays for torque-wrench (or other) slow, expensive, or inaccurate methods of inspection.

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