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ViewTite® Dye-Emitting Nut-Side Self-Indicator

For "dye-emitting", specify ViewTite®!

The ViewTite® Nut-Side Self-Indicator is far and away the best "dye-emitting" DTI on the market today. Our patented design ensures that the elastomer only emits dye once proper bolt tension has been achieved.

The ViewTite® also features our patented offset-extrusion DTI technology, which means you can use ViewTite® over the AISC's new, larger bolt hole sizes.

ViewTite® DTIs Get Glowing Reviews on Verrazano Bridge Project

Owners, erectors and fabricators on the Verrazano Bridge renovation project are thrilled with the efficiency and reliability of the ViewTite® DTI and they are especially pleased with one very special feature. The elastomer in ViewTite® DTIs glows under UV light, making inspection under dim lighting or even in full darkness even easier!

ViewTite® DTIs glowing under UV light
Photos of ViewTite® dye-emitting DTIs in use on the Verrazano Bridge
Bolted connection featuring ViewTite® dye-emitting DTIsViewTite® dye-emitting DTIs glowing while being inspected

The Verrazano Bridge is America’s largest suspension bridge. At 4km long, carrying over 200,000 vehicles per day, it is a crucial transportation link between Staten Island and Brooklyn (and by extension, all of Long Island). The current renovation project, begun in 2021, is expected to require over 100,000 DTIs.

The Triborough Bridge And Tunnel Authority chose ViewTite® dye-emitting DTIs from TurnaSure because they combine reliable tensioning (the result of decades of innovation) with easy visual inspection to verify they have attained the proper tension. On a project like this, accuracy and efficiency are non-negotiable!

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