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TurnaSure Sets the Bolting Technology Standard for Properly Tensioned Bolted Connections

The world's most comprehensive product line of bolting technology

TurnaSure manufactures the world's largest variety of Direct Tension Indicator Washers (DTIs), including traditional DTIs and the exciting, new ViewTite® Self-Indicators. These are used for achieving required tension loads on bolts in countless applications. These include Structural Steel Buildings and Bridges as well as DTI Washers for Studs used in the Petro-Chemical Industry, Anchor Bolts, and SAE Cap Screws for Automotive applications. TurnaSure also supplies special Direct Tension Indicators to customer's individual specifications in a variety of materials including Stainless Steel.

The most precise and reliable bolting technology product design

TurnaSure produces the most precise Direct Tension Indicators available, assuring accurate clamping loads on bolts and Studs. In fact, we've been setting the standard, and developing and improving our patented unique bolting technology product designs for load-indicator washer technology since their introduction nearly a half a century ago!

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Trusted across industries and around the world!

TurnaSure's DTIs have been used across the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia in everything ranging from small projects all the way up to some of the tallest buildings in the world. Whether it's a bridge, a building, a wind turbine, a construction vehicle or even a roller coaster, projects that require strong, precisely-tensioned bolted connections rely on TurnaSure.

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