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The NEW ViewTite® Visual Self-Indicator DTI

The simplest solution for properly tensioning bolts

Proper bolt-tensioning is a mission-critical part of any structural steel construction project, any bridge project, wind turbines and numerous applications across automotive, petrochemical and other industries. For decades this was a time- and labor-intensive process, until the Direct Tension Indicator (DTI) was invented by TurnaSure's legacy company. This innovative product allowed customers to quickly and easily confirm that their bolts were properly tensioned, saving huge amounts of time and money during installation and inspection!

The most comprehensive product line of bolting technology

TurnaSure manufactures the world's largest variety of Direct Tension Indicator Washers (DTIs) including the revolutionary new ViewTite® Visual Self-Indicator. Our DTIs are used for achieving required tension loads on bolts in countless applications. These include Structural Steel Buildings, Bridges and Wind Turbines as well as DTI Washers for Studs used in the Petro-Chemical Industry, Anchor Bolts, and SAE Cap Screws for Off-Highway Vehicles and Automotive applications. TurnaSure also supplies special Direct Tension Indicators to customer's individual specifications in a variety of materials including nonferrous and Stainless Steels.

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TurnaSure DTIs are currently manufactured to the following standards:

  • ASTM F959/F959M for use on inch or metric ASTM F3125 Grade A325, Grade A490, Grade F1852, Grade F2280, Grade A325M, or Grade A490M bolts.
  • ISO-EN 14399 14399-9 for use on structural bolting assemblies in the European Economic Area.
  • ASTM F2437/F2437M for Carbon and Alloy Steel Compressible-Washer-Type Direct Tension Indicators for Use with Cap Screws, Bolts, Anchors, and Studs.
  • TurnaSure’s DTIs are also manufactured for use on HV bolting assemblies per DASt-Guideline 021 and Japanese Standard JISB 1186-F10T strength strength structural bolting assemblies.

ViewTite®: The best choice for "dye-emitting" visual indicators

A recent innovation in DTIs is the "dye-emitting" visual indicator, in which a colored elastomer is extruded from the DTI when proper tension is achieved. The ViewTite® Visual Self-Indicator, released by TurnaSure in 2019 represents the "best of breed" for this type when it comes to dye-emitting DTIs. ViewTite® DTIs are manufactured to ASTM F959/F959M and are suitable for use in bolted structural steel framing connections in accordance with AISC‐360. Our patented offset extrusion technology offers unprecedented precision and reliability, and our special elastomer even glows under UV light, making low-light and nighttime inspections easier and faster!