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A history of innovation in bolting!

For 25+ years TurnaSure has responded to the evolving needs of high-strength bolting with a series of innovations that have kept our products at the leading edge of the industry. Many of these innovations, designed to improve precision, reliability and efficiency, have been granted patents in both the United States and around the world.

Key innovations:

Protrusion Pockets - These patented indentations on the reverse of the DTIs assure consistency regardless of surface condition.
Curved Protrusions - Curved protrusions on the DTI offer a superior fit under bolt heads, and allows DTIs to be used without a hardened washer when tightened under the turned element.
Offset Protrusions - Offsetting the protrusions from the indentation pockets allows these DTIs to account for the new larger bolt hole sizes permitted by the AISC while maintaining the reliability and accuracy that TurnaSure is known for. (read more about this amazing innovation here)

Some of TurnaSure's U.S. patents:

  • US 5,370,483 - Direct tension indicator washer
  • US 5,487,632 - Direct tension indicator washer
  • US 5,667,346 - Direct tension indicator washer
  • US 7,635,243 - Load indicating fastener and method of manufacture
  • US 9,863,457 - Direct tension indicating washer with offset protuberances and indentations
  • US Application #15/946/142 pending

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