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DTIs for Wind Turbines

Your turbines are engineered to generate clean power day in, day out for decades. Your bolts hold it all together. You need to be sure they are properly tensioned the first time around, and be able to inspect them to be sure they stay that way.

TurnaSure offers a full line of DTIs for wind turbines, from blade bolts, to anchor bolts for the foundation, to tower bolts, nacelle and gearbox bolts. Every bolt in the system must be properly tensioned to ensure the integrity of the entire system. Turnasure DTIs ensure the every bolt is properly installed to its engineered required tension.

Our product line covers all metric sizes from M8 through M64 and inch sizes 1/2 through 3. TurnaSure DTIs are available to the following National Standards:

TurnaSure Wind Turbine DTIs are availalble in these standards:

  • ASTM F959
  • ASTM 959M
  • ASTM F2437
  • BS 7644
  • CEN 14399-9
Custom DTIs are also available upon request.

Don't settle for less than the best!

TurnaSure DTIs are the original and best solution to guarantee proper bolt tensioning. Our DTIs are designed to be checked and verified using a feeler gauge. Don't fall for the visual gimmicks of some other brands. This is the ONLY way to know that your bolts are properly tensioned!

Engineering Benefits of Turnasure DTIs for Wind Turbines

  • Provides Assurance of Slip Resistance
  • No loosening of bolts due to vibration
  • Better fatigue resistance
  • Minimizes the affects of prying action
  • Improves structural rigidity
  • TurnaSure DTIs are the most accurate by far
  • read more about engineering benefits...

Maintenance & Inspection Benefits of Turnasure DTIs for Wind Turbines

Find out how TurnaSure DTIs and our bolting technology can bring structural stability & savings to your wind power project. Contact our experts online or by calling 1-800-525-7193.
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