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NEW ViewTite Nut-Side Self-Indicator

The most reliable tensioning. Now with fast, easy visual indication!

TurnaSure is proud to introduce the patent-pending ViewTite Nut-Side Self-Indicator, the latest innovation from the pioneers in load indicators.

DURING SNUG TIGHTENING: The hardened washer first makes contact with our patented protrusions, which compress linearly as bolt tension increases and snugging is completed. The elastomer does not emit during snug-tightening.
DURING FINAL TIGHTENING: Reduced height ‘horseshoes’ compress, releasing a precise measure of elastomer from multiple sides of the VeiwTite indicator.
AFTER TIGHTENING: WHEN YOU SEE GREEN... you know your structural bolts are correctly tensioned!
PLACEMENT MATTERS: Unlike traditional self-indicators, you don't have to worry about surface finish variations in the materials being bolted. Our elastomer is on the top of the indicator, which contacts the smooth surface of the hardened washer.

Watch the demo to see it in action!

ViewTite ASTM F959/F959M-17 nut-side self-indicators will be available by mid-2018 in Type 325 and Type 490 strength levels for 3/4in, 7/8in, and 1in bolts, followed by 5/8in, 1-1/8in, and 1-1/4in Type 325 and Type 490s. Metric sizes are rolling out simultaneously.

Find out how the NEW ViewTite Self-Indicators and our bolting technology can bring structural stability and savings to your next project. Contact our experts online or by calling 1-800-525-7193.
Watch a Demo of the NEW ViewTite Self-Indicator