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TurnaSure Sets the Bolting Technology Standard for Properly Tensioned Bolted Connections

World’s simplest solution to properly tension control bolts

TurnaSure manufactures simple washer type load cells known as a Direct Tension Indicator or a Load Indicating Washer. TurnaSure’s legacy company invented this brilliant concept of bolting technology. When this washer device is compressed while tightening a bolt or stud, the required clamp load is indicated in the fasteners and induced in the bolted joints. TurnaSure was the world’s first company to devote all its energies to developing and supplying this unique fastener. Why are properly tightened bolts often critical?

World’s most comprehensive product line of bolting technology

TurnaSure manufactures the world’s largest variety of Direct Tension Indicator Washers (DTIs). These are used for achieving required tension loads on bolts in countless applications. These include Structural Steel Buildings and Bridges as well as DTI Washers for Studs used in the Petro-Chemical Industry, Anchor Bolts, and SAE Cap Screws for Automotive applications. TurnaSure also supplies special Direct Tension Indicators to customer’s individual specifications in a variety of materials including Stainless Steel.

The most precise and reliable bolting technology product design

TurnaSure produces the most precise Direct Tension Indicators available, assuring accurate clamping loads on bolts and Studs. In fact, we've been setting the standard, and developing and improving our patented unique bolting technology product designs for load-indicator washer technology since their introduction nearly a half a century ago!

Unique Patented Design of Direct Tension Indicators

The unique designs of our patented Direct Tension Indicators significantly improve field tensioning accuracy. TurnaSure Direct Tension Indicators retain their accuracy regardless of their surface condition during tightening, be they oiled, coated or even rusted.

TurnaSure DTI

TurnaSure DTIs are manufactured under numerous world-wide pending patent applications and one or more of the following granted patents: United States Patents No. 7,635,243, No. 5,667,346, No. 5,487,632, and No. 5,370,483; Canada Patent No. 2,244,415; United Kingdom Patents No. 0528912, No. 2279421, and No. 0874955; German Patent No. 69707641; France Patent No. 0874955; Italy Patent No. 0874955; Australia Patent No. 707497; India Patent No. 191732; and South Africa Patent No. 97/0936.

How does a Direct Tension Indicator (DTI) work?

Direct Tension Indicators work by generating an axial tensile force in a bolt or stud as the DTI protrusions are compressed; except for sufficient lubrication to allow the nut of the assembly to be rotated under load, "torque" has no affect on the process. (Note: It is bolt tension, not torque that determines the clamped up strength in a joint).

TurnaSure DTI

Final inspection is simple quick and easy. Especially with Direct Tension Indicators (DTIs) for structural connections, a visual inspection to determine the Direct Tension Indicators (DTIs) are flat is all that is needed. For additional assurance check a few bolts with the provided feeler gauge used as a no-go inspection tool and compare the rest by eye.

Advantage’s of our patented Direct Tension Indicators:

  • Provides absolute assurance the bolts, anchors, or studs and properly tensioned
  • Improves structural rigidity
  • Test each part of fastener assembly for conformance or compatibility
  • Reduce inspection costs and effort and is safer for inspectors of structural steel
Find out how TurnaSure DTIs and our bolting technology can bring structural stability and savings to your next project. Contact our experts online or by calling 1-800-525-7193.
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