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TurnaSure Bolting Technology for Steel Building Construction

Madrid Arena

Madrid Arena

bolting technology for Tall Buildings:

TurnaSure’s legacy companies produced Direct Tension Indicators (DTIs) for two landmark tall buildings in the 1970s being the National Westminster Bank Building in London, then the City’s tallest, and the radically architected AT&T Building in New York. It was the use of DTIs on the AT&T building that revealed a previously un-detected flaw in structural fastener assemblies on oversized holes. It was concluded that turn of nut is so negatively affected in these conditions; it was guaranteed to result in loose bolts.

Many more buildings around the world have followed utilizing DTIs. Examples of bolting technology are the Columbia Center in Seattle, PPG Building in Pittsburgh, the Bank of China Building in Hong Kong, then the world’s fifth tallest, the Jin Mao Building in Shanghai, and KLCC Tower in Malaysia, the then tallest, both supplied by TurnaSure, and currently two of the tallest under construction in the EU being the Repsol Tower and Crystal Towers in Madrid.

DTIs are popular on tall buildings as properly tensioned fasteners assure no undesirable or unplanned movement or slip in piles. TurnaSure’s bolting technology is convinced that reported banging bolts in strong winds are a result of slack connections slipping, for instance.

Find out how TurnaSure DTIs and our bolting technology can bring structural stability and savings to your next project. Contact our experts online or by calling 1-800-525-7193.
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