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TurnaSure Bolting Technology for Power Plants


Intermountain Power Project Units 1 & 2, Utah

In the USA most Nuclear Power Plants (a total of ten) used Direct Tension Indicators (DTIs) on their High Strength Bolted connections built in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These included the Bechtel SNUPPS power plant projects, and the River Bend Nuclear Power Plant in Louisiana. Currently in 2007 TurnaSure DTIs are being used on the Lungmen Nuclear plant designed by Stone and Webster in Taiwan.

By the mid 1980's DTIs were used on thirty major fossil power plants and in the USA alone. DTI were used in Asia on fifteen power plants by 1998 including the massive two unit Suralaya Power Plant in Indonesia designed by Black & Veatch. A study in 1979 by Bethlehem Steel found a great savings on inspecting an adjacent unit using DTIs on the Gerald Gentleman Power Plant for Nebraska Public Power in Nebraska compared to the older one without DTIs. It is accurate to say that the vast majority of Power Plants being designed in the USA now specify ASTM F959 DTIs. Many designs require TurnaSure bolting technology by name.

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