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TurnaSure produces the first Stainless Steel DTI

TurnaSure is constantly being asked to design Direct Tension Indicators (DTIs) for different fastener standards and metallurgys. Recently TurnaSure has successfully produced a 9/16” DTI is stainless steel for an underwater application.

Internationally recognized Test Laboratory confirms DTIs Accuracy

In December 2006 one of the European Union’s largest and most capable testing laboratories located in Barcelona Spain, Applus, produced a study comparing tensioning methods on M24 German DIN 6914 10.9 standard structural fasteners. TurnaSure American made Direct Tension Indicators design for use on DIN 6914 bolts were compared to bolts tightened using EU standard EN 1090-2 for torque tightening. Whereas as all bolts with TurnaSure DTIs in the grip were properly tensioned, very few were properly tensioned that had been tightened without DTIs.

Use in Nuclear Submarines

In 2007, TurnaSure was approached by a manufacturer of Nuclear Submarines for the U.S. Navy to resolve problematic bolt application around a valve. After days of research, it was discovered that by partially tightening a custom manufactured TurnaSure DTI progressively compressing the gaps in stages, the relaxing in the joint due to the gasket was fully accommodated. No further relaxing happened and he valve joint was permanently sealed. Now turnaSure DTIs are assembled 100s of feet below the sea inside submarines and making a small contribution to the safety and reliability of the system.

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