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Cost Savings with TurnaSure DTIs

Installation Savings with TurnaSure's Bolting Services:

A study about Direct Tension Indicator conducted in London, England by PA Management Consultants, W S Atkins and Partners, Consulting Engineers and fabricated by the British Steel Corp, concluded Part Turn took 33% more time than using Direct Tension Indicator DTIs. This proves if Turn-of-Nut were to be managed correctly, DTIs will save much more than their initial cost in labor saved in bolting time

The same study described above was recently reanalyzed by Rowan University in New Jersey USA, extrapolating data gathered in London England in 1970 by the same top consulting engineering firm, leading fabricator and time and motion consultants, and applied the data to current wage rates. The Calibrated Wrench method was applied as it is used in the EU.

The savings in labor cost using DTIs exceed the current cost of DTIs in both the EU and USA.

Reduced Inspection Costs with TurnaSure's Bolting Services:

Bolting service inspector costs can run upwards of $100 per hour which can be dramatically reduced with the use of TurnaSure Direct Tension Indicator (DTIs). Inspection is easier, quicker, and simpler with Direct Tension Indicators. Their up-front cost is insignificant, compared to the saved cost of calibrated wrench inspection, which typically requires the work of a two-man crew. Similarly, the laborious 'match-marking' and inspection of the 'turn-of-nut' method is eliminated. A study concluded that the bolting service Inspection Costs could be reduced by 42% by using TurnaSure DTIs. An earlier study by Bethlehem Steel found a great savings on bolting service inspection an adjacent Power Plant with Direct Tension Indicators in Nebraska compared to the older one without DTIs.

Costly Rework is eliminated with TurnaSure's Bolting Services:

TurnaSure Direct Tension Indicators (DTIs) not only save on bolting service installation and bolting service inspection cost but also provide assurance that 100% of all bolts have be tightened correctly thus eliminating costly erector call-back, schedule disruptions and loss of productivity. The hourly rate for an Iron Worker can be as high as $115 per hour and the need to call back two Iron Workers for rework can cost thousands of dollars.

Find out how TurnaSure DTIs and our bolting technology can bring structural stability and savings to your next project. Contact our experts online or by calling 1-800-525-7193.
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