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The Shard in London - Built Using TurnaSure DTIs

The London Shard

The Shard, London, England

The tallest building in Europe, built using bolting technology from TurnaSure.

Completed in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics the Shard (also known as the Shard of Glass) is the tallest skyscraper on the whole of Europe. This beautiful tall building emulating the surrounding church spires of London was designed by the Italian Architect Renzo Piano.

The Shard stands at 1,016 feet in height (309.6 meters). The building is a concrete core surrounded by structural steel and is bolted utilizing TurnaSure Direct Tension Indicators supplied through McLean Buchanan and Wilson of Glasgow, Scotland, on many of the High Strength Friction Grip bolted connections with the fasteners manufactured to the new CEN standard 14399 series. The Fabricator and Erector was Severfield-Reeve of the UK. It is the second tallest structure to the Emley Moor Transmitting Station in the UK built in the 1970s that also used Direct Tension Indicators on the structural steel spire.

These engineers and many others trust TurnaSure DTIs to maintain proper bolt tension in some of the most inspirational buildings in the world.

TurnaSure DTIs used in this project: Project details:
  • Engineers: WSP Cantor Seinuk
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