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TurnaSure manufactures the world's largest variety of Direct Tension Indicator Washers (DTIs). These are used for achieving required tension loads on bolts in countless applications. These include Structural Steel Buildings and Bridges as well as DTI Washers for Studs used in the Petro-Chemical Industry, Anchor Bolts, and SAE Cap Screws for Automotive applications. TurnaSure also supplies special Direct Tension Indicators to customer's individual specifications in a variety of materials including Stainless Steel.

Wind Turbines Bridge Construction Power Plants Sports & Convention Facilities Steel Building Construction Petro-Chemical Automotive Applications

Advantage's of our patented Direct Tension Indicators:

  • Provides absolute assurance the bolts, anchors, or studs and properly tensioned
  • Improves structural rigidity
  • Test each part of fastener assembly for conformance or compatibility
  • Reduce inspection costs and effort and is safer for inspectors of structural steel

Find out how TurnaSure DTIs and our bolting technology can bring structural stability and savings to your next project. Contact our experts online or by calling 1-800-525-7193.
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